ACR Presets

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This is a comprehensive preset collection for ACR users. ACR stands for Adobe Camera Raw--these are NOT Lightroom Presets. It combines both the Matte & Haze and Sunset Collections into one easy to use set.

Set includes:

12 B&W Presets:
B&W with Matte
Bright Mood
BW Matte 1
BW Matte 2
BW Matte 3
Deeply Matte
Mixed Emotions
Moody BW
Oh So Moody
Soft & Dreamy

And 15 color matte, warming and haze presets:

Color Pop
Lighten & Matte
Little Vignette
Matte Finish
Natural Tone
Pink Haze
Pretty Heavy Matte
Pretty Light Matte
Set the Mood
Simple Matte
Sugar Tone
Summer Matte
Sunny Pop
Warm Haze
Winter Matte

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Newborn photos courtesy of DNA Photography.