SBP Action Set Bundle (for photoshop cs2-6)

$40.00 On Sale

This purchase is for both the sunset collection and the matte and haze set, plus the lighten and matte finishing action. The bundle consists of 28 total actions:

sunny pop
set the mood
warm haze
pink haze
moody BW
BW + matte
little vignette
color pop
natural tone
matte finish
lighten and matte
pretty heavy matte
pretty light matte
summer matte
winter matte
simple matte
warm sunset haze
sky on fire (gradient)
simple haze
pretty haze
left corner light (gradient)
right corner light (gradient)
sugar tone
BW matte 1
BW matte 2
BW matte 3
and a skin smoothing action.

This bundle is for photoshop cs2-6 and the CC.

Please note: Due to the digital nature of this product, absolutely no refunds or exchanges will be given. Please be sure to read full product description and contact SB Photography with any questions or concerns before purchasing.